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APPLE WATCH QUICK REVIEW – FITNESS WITH THE APPLE WATCH, 3 Pros, 3 Cons   APPLE WATCH – 3 YEARS IN WAITING So, the day I’ve been waiting for, for nearly three years, came this past Friday – the day I received my iWatch…I mean Apple Watch…sorry….

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The Top 5 Apple iWatch Must Haves

The 5 Apple iWatch Must Haves The iWatch – The Wearable Revolution Perfected? Though the “wearable” revolution is nothing new, Apple has yet to join the game…but this should come as no surprise. Since the company’s start, to the powerhouse it’s become since the original iPod,…

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YUM!!! Smells like DVD!

For today’s tech talk – let’s talk Domino’s….Pizza. A Domino’s Pizza in Brazil teamed up with a local movie rental store to create smell-able DVDs…a.k.a. – 4-D TV! What exactly does that mean? Well, it means that while your DVD movie is playing, the DVD…

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iSlap – Say What!

I kid you not, “from old-school playa’s to new-school fools,” slap-wrist band’s might be back in a whole new way for all you playa’s and/or fools.  Yeah, old school stuff always comes back in fashion, but this fad is about to be back for good….

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Glass Glasses

“Jarvis, boot up and set course to New York.” “Okay Tony, how fast would you like to get there?” Okay, “Glass” may not be there quite yet but it sure does seem a lot cooler than Siri….and, let’s face it, glasses are in now-a-days…especially if…

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Armour39…It’s Coming!

Armour39 Under Armour is entering the personal-fitness-tracking game with Armour39 – it’s new chest-strap + watch combo (each sold separately of course….though this is seriously how it’s done in this emerging market).  So, how much will the entire package set you back? $350.00 ($149.00 for…

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The Future Is Even Closer

What is that smell….?  The future my dear friends…and it smells AMAZING. So, if you remember my rant a while back about the iWatch and how Apple should’ve long ago been in the smart watch game you’d know I am very passionate about this topic. …

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We all have amigo’s…but not a true Amiigo!

So, I just got an e-mail from my dear friend again (the one that keeps me informed of all things design + future) and I had to stop what I was doing to actually post this ASAP! As you guys might have read in other…

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So, a very dear friend of mine sent me a MacRumors article which states that Apple is working with Intel on building a watch….not an iPod Nano that can be used as a watch but a real watch. Yes this watch will, and should, play…

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Running Under The Cloud

Running Under The Cloud I love the idea of being able to access pretty much any song under the sun via the cloud, but when it comes to working out with the cloud, I prefer to be hard wired. You see, nothing is more frustrating…

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